What’s the difference between sea salt and table salt?

SaltWhat’s the difference between sea salt and table salt? – Marketing and possibly some trace minerals.

Sea salt is produced through evaporation of ocean water. The process of evaporation leaves behind salt and trace amounts of some minerals.  These minerals add flavor and colour.

Table salt is mined from underground salt deposits which were usually left behind by ancient seas. During the processing of table salt the minerals are removed, however iodine is usually added. The added iodine helps maintain a healthy thyroid. Table salt also has an additive added be to prevent clumping.

Sea salt and table salt have the same basic nutritional value.

The American Heart Association has set guidelines for sodium to be approximately 1,500 milligrams (a little over ½ a teaspoon) with no more than 2,300 milligrams (1 teaspoon) per day. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease keep your sodium intake to a bare minimum or opt for another taste enhancer, such as black pepper.

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