Walking, but not losing weight? 3 possible reasons why.


(1) The number one reason that you’re not losing weight is because you are rewarding  yourself in the kitchen.  It’s extremely easy to say “I can have a treat because I just went for a nice long walk”.  True, you did go for a walk and yes you can have a “treat” if you like but not if you want to lose weight.  If you do decide to have something to eat or drink as reward for exercising the choices that you make are extremely important.  Let’s assume that you weigh 150 lbs and that your walk lasted for 40 minutes.  Let’s also assume that your walk was non-stop and at a fairly brisk 3 mph’s.  Upon completing your walk you’d probably be thinking that you burnt a few of hundred calories – wrong, you burnt approximately 150 calories.  You read that correctly, only 150 calories in 40 minutes!!  If you still want a “treat” for exercising then here are a few choices.  You could have a small granola bar (35 grams = 150 calories) or you could have a large handful of carrots (100 grams = 30 calories).  As far as something to drink is concerned your fluid choice is also very important. You could have a cola (12 oz.= 140 calories) or a large glass of real iced tea, (sugar free = 0 calories).

(2) Your dog is slowing you down.  How much walking did you really do in the 40 minutes?  Quite often your dog stops and starts multiple times throughout the walk.  Some studies show that you are really only walking a third of the time.

(3) You aren’t drinking enough water.  You think your body wants food when it really needs water.  Water performs many functions including helping your body stay cool as well as flushing harmful toxins from your system.

The benefits of being active are huge.  These benefits include a reduced risk of developing a heart condition, reduced risk of developing type-2 diabetes, reduced risk of developing a cancer, stronger muscles and bones, a clearer head and a slimmer waist line. – Not bad for 40 minutes!

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Brian Forsythe of EHF Executive Health And Fitness is a natural competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.